Talking about speed – The Europe Under Attack Tour

Destruction, Nervosa, Rezet, Gonoreas

Viper Room, Vienna, Austria, 2017-01-25

It was a very special event, that took place in the Viper Room in Vienna. On stage, four bands were about to perform their show, different ages and from different countries, still they were an excellent match.

Coming from Switzerland, Gonoreas open the evening. Sharp soli, great basslines, heavy drums and a voice, that is just endlessly powerful in all heights and depths, their enthusiasm can not be stopped, even by some technical problems. Instead singer Leandro Pacheco finds himself in the audience and vowing his words right in the people’s faces.

The new tour members of Rezet are the ones to follow and just keep the direction going. After the Intro, that involves Trump’s words “We need to build a wall!” and Lemmy Kilmister stating, that nothing is save, the headbanging begins right away. Fast and some mid-tempo songs inbetween, they present their version of German Thrash Metal, giving tribute to their idols, the headliner of the evening.

But before them Nervosa hit the stage. Even though they just have released two albums so far, they are already well-known because of their constant touring and their furious shows, delivering speed and thrashing in its purest. For this time, guitarist Prika Amaral has to be replaced because of family issues, but Simone van Straten of Sisters Of Suffocation, which is an all-female Metal-Band too, makes an awesome job, which leads to an awesome show.

And after that, it’s time for the Old School Thrashers and headliners of the evening: Destruction! Even though they already exist since 1982, there is no backing down for those guys, and so Schmier, Mike and Vaaver shred themselves through an amazing set. Mentioning, that they haven’t played the song live in Vienna since 1986, they deliver “Thrash Attack”, other songs to point out as highlights of an incredible show are “Nailed To The Cross”, “The Butcher Strikes Back” and of course “Bestial Invasion”.

That songs also marks the end of this stunning evening, leaving a happy and satisfied crowd.