Over (2020)

Henrik Huber

Quiet Atmospheric Instrumental


Time to cool down, time to ease one’s mind. Time for music that helps to soothe the soul. A Viennese musician basically doing Prog Metal has made a new EP giving the opportunity to just give ones own thoughts a little rest.

Henrik Huber released his last record “Solipsist” only few months ago. Now he is back with some new sound, but in a different way. Instead of shredding and blast beats, soft tones and harmonies come from the speakers. Street lights and shady trees are on the cover of “Over”.

As lover of special guitar technics, the first song “Whole” might catch you right away with its string harmonics. And it transports the picture of the cover, quiet and nightly streets. At the same time because of the melody’s structure, it brings up Peter Ratzenbeck, just more melancholic.

The second tune “Stumble” has a little Alternative Rock touch plus an interesting buzzing in the background. It gets very big then with open chords and a wonderful soft solo guitar in the back, being overall very hopeful. The third one “Tunnel” makes already curious because of the title, being slowly with an outstanding bass and very short, but strong and atmospheric.

It Lingers Warningly” is the first track that makes actually think of the previous record, combining several feelings. It starts with a little bit more dissonance and staccato like parts. It has a huge spirit of optimism and surrealism, bringing up pictures by Luis Buñuel. And then, all of the sudden, it is heavily distorted, just lovable.

Number five “To Leave All Noise Behind” is very quiet first too and relaxing though with plucked chords. With the strumming and synthie-like sounds, it gains more volume. The final “When It’s Right” is a concluding guitar part, sweet and short. A seventeen minute piece of music, being cool with quiet and loud parts as well, relaxing listening pleasure that can surprise you in this short duration.