solar (die zukunft) (Single 2024)

momo & der void

Indie Kuschelrock

When we were young the future was so bright‘. But times are a-changin’, and it ain’t easy to stay optimistic. One reason is climate anxiety, that and how to overcome it is the topic in „solar (die zukunft)“ out via Dragonfruit Punica.

Over the last few years, momo & der void published quite some material like „momo & das tape“ including „verlängerter“ or „ganz allein (sterne schauen)“ recently. The style and subject on the cover art of the new single drawn by Simon Handle reminds of works by Phil Mulloy. This might be because of the two individuals in its centre, surrounded by what look like planets. 

Solar energy is the focus of companies like 1001 Dach. Bankrupt interlace it to their lyrics as well. And in the vision of momo & der void, it is the solution, passing mystic yet positive Sci-Fi vibes like in „Vanity“. It starts with the chilled beat and melodies going together, asking to go outside. 

There the sun is blinding and it feels like dreaming: „Ich bin nicht ganz da, doch du kommst vorbei.“ – I’m not quite there, but you’ll come around. Relaxed vibes like from Peter The Human Boy, gab&gal, Oskar Haag or Tachomat. While Magic Delphin wants to escape to Mars, the destination of momo & der void is even further. 

Spacey sounds accompany the way like a powerful solo, rough and circumnavigating obstacles like Bilderbuch. The hope and solar energy wins. The two individuals on the cover survive and can start into a bright future. 

A constructive message like in the ‚green‘ solar Post Rock of Goodbye Meteor or alienated Punkrock by Mars Addict. Only it comes in form of Indie Kuschelrock as momo & der void label the music themselves: ‚cuddle Rock‘, what is actually the name of a compilation series

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