Critics with Humor

Scheibsta & die Buben

„Nächstes Kapitel“ Release Show presented by Spoon Agency, Flex Café Wien, Austria 20190516


In October, Scheibsta & die Buben played at the RKH and announced a new record for this year. After another Vienna gig at the Konzerthaus and the release show at the Jazz:it in Salzburg, they present all the new songs of the follow-up of “Neues” at the Flex.

It is called “Nächstes Kapitel”. Waiting for the show to begin, suddenly a guy with a big moustache silently passes by and begins right away with the opener of the new longplayer “Wo beginnt man”. A sweet reconciliation and “Offline” is the next tune. After four songs of the record including the first single, the band performs the first of their famous freestyles about a “woman named Blanca”. Then the album continues with the funny but serious song about watching the world collide. About “Alles OK” Scheibsta jokes, that he tells his girlfriend that the lyrics are about his cat and the other way around.

Also between the album songs the group plays their hit “Schlecht drauf”, and quickly the eleven songs are through. “Now we start from scratch”, Scheibsta jokes. Instead “Gerda” is moving, and another freestyle tells a story with the line “I open my can of beer and the nymph is lying at home”. As they have some song titles including numbers, the group then decides to play “20/30” followed by the final “Tick Tack” and another third and last freestyle as encore about a profession with “-eur”: “the horny rapeur” (not himself he underlines).

Scheibsta is a kind of god on the microphone, playing with the words (“Ein Lied”!) and with big messages in his lyrics. Sometimes he repeats known phrases like “Bist du noch wach”, always includes the audience and good for a joke: “What is the name of the mother of Benjamin Blümchen? – Mutter Töröösia”. He also adverts the video and announces a new one for next week. Friendly and rocking he and his band enthuse everyone from pupils to grandparents.

Obviously this rapper does not need any gangsta attitude like e.g. Lobato and others. The next time he will play in Vienna at the Donauinselfest with Here For A Reason, Leyya, Simon Lewis, Viech, Boogie Hammer, Alphayn, Irdorath and many more, but before Penetrante Sorte presented by Kid Pex at the Rhiz and Kurtis Blow with Afu-Ra at the Flex again would make this week a perfect Hip Hop week.