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Terrorizer, Skeletal Remains, De Profundis

Caustic Attack Europe Tour 2019 presented by Massive Music, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20190115


„In January it is time to get down to business“, the description on Facebook alerts the willing visitor. Because a Grindcore legend is making its way to the Viper Room, together with two more blasting acts.

De Profundis from London already performed with e.g. Enslaved and Grand Magus and start the evening with wonderfully hand-crafted convincing Death Metal. The songs are very diversified, with quite melodic parts as well as a lot of Black Metal influence, fast moments, groove monsters up to oriental feelings. Especially the six-string bass attracts attention, amazingly played by Arran McSporran.

The second support act of the night is Skeletal Remains who entitle their style as “Old Skull Death Metal”. Coming from Whittier, Los Angeles, California, they play a straighter sound compared to the first band, and again, one just can be happy to be here and experience this great live show. Highlights are the soli and the interesting voice somehow makes think of Al Jourgensen of Ministry.

Headliners Terrorizer released their ground-breaking debut “World Downfall” thirty years ago encouraged by Shane Embury of Napalm Death who loves their music. Their latest awesome full-length “Caustic Attack” was just published in 2018. At the first moment, it feels like a second guitar would be good for the sound. But this passes quickly, as the gig is super beautiful, fast and earthy. Surprisingly one gets outraged as he looses his beer because of the mosh pit. Still this is a Grindcore concert, and not only the band on stage has fun but also the audience. As big gesture, the guy who spilled the beer instantly goes to the bar and gets a new one for the damaged fellow. And then as singer Lee Harrison tells when watching the pit on the floor: “Keep that going!”