A music scene celebrates itself

Magic Delphin, Please Madame, Shamamas

Xtra Ordinary Vol. 22 Release Party, Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria 20190118


Salzburg, the city of Mozart got very nice concert locations like the Corner or the MARK and small venues that occasionally have live music like the Shakespeare or Murphy’s Law. But one of the biggest is the Rockhouse, that hosted huge acts like Vista Chino, Helmet and the Stonerhead Festival, as well as local bands like The Boys You Know.

This time there are two reasons to celebrate: the release of the latest Xtra Ordinary sampler, a record that features songs from artists from Salzburg. And the concession of the Heimo Erbse prize, that supports bands like The Helmut Bergers and Steaming Satellites with € 3000,00 every year. The sampler was the first of its kind in Austria, invented already back in 1997! Even the capital Vienna took longer to publish their sampler, last year containing Kreiml & Samurai, a.geh Wirklich and Paul Plut. The 22nd edition of the Salzburg pioneer features the sounds of Day X Night, Mynth, Gospel Dating Service (Winner of last year’s Heimo Erbse prize), Scheibsta & die Buben and more.

Rockhouse founder and owner Wolfgang Descho leads through the evening and the festivity of course is accompanied by live performances. The Indie Rock sound of the Shamamas gets the front area dancing. The young band not only quotes The Beatles as an influence but also e.g. The Beach Boys. The band Please Madame made themselves a name by playing very often, e.g. at the Record Store Day at the Musikladen Salzburg with Julian Nantes to events at the Jazz:it, another nice place where Peter Ratzenbeck played amongst others.

The wonderful Magic Delphin then receive this year’s Heimo Erbse prize. The whole procedure is recorded by the cameras of FS1 – the community TV station. Also the delphin performs few songs on stage, “Zu cool” from the debut but most of them from the latest “Milde Sorte” including “So Süss” and ending with “Schlafen gehen”.