A Tribute To The Memories We Dwell

Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Pop

Playlist 2013-


In the center of Salzburg, home of Magic Delphin, Day X Night, TVCC and Scheibsta, there are some very appealing places to enjoy a fine drink with nice music, and some of them are really close: On the good side of the river, which means counterpart of the old town crowded with tourists, you might stumble across the Bricks first. Also the Celtics and Schnaitl are quite famous. And in the same street as the Schnaitl, the Bergstraße, you find two more bars: The Alchimiste Belge and the Beffa Bar, both known as the “Belgier”.

The name comes from the main selection of drinks: Belgian beers. Tasting some of those recommended by some of the best bartenders in town, this playlist started right at the place. As it has been kept updated since, it still might be heard every now and then, containing a lot of varying genres like Blues Rock from Gary Clark Jr. and Seasick Steve to Pop and Hip Hop beats from locals like ROBB or The Helmut Bergers, and even including a song written about the prominent Belgian Beer Bars from Salzburg.