Great Death From Down Low

Sisters Of Suffocation

The Isolation Sessions #55 at Effenaar Eindhoven, Netherlands, Live Stream presented by Dynamo, Eindhoven Rockcity and The Super-Nova Studio 20200507


Back in the Netherlands. Home of the legendary Roadburn Festival and amazing bands like Dool who should have been playing at the Viper Room just a day ago. Instead tonight you could witness a brute Death Metal live stream.

Guitarist Simone van Straten of Sisters Of Suffocation you might have seen helping out on stage with Nervosa. At Eindhoven, where the famous Dynamo Metalfest is held and Testament recorded their live EP, there is a place named Effenaar. And for the special situation at the moment, they created The Isolation Sessions.

Drive-in theater concerts are new, but e.g. Chris Shiflett and Hevisaurus are going online as well. The Sisters don’t lose any time and start right away at the empty place. Their heavy and very good sound goes even into Black Metal direction in some parts, accompanied by deep growls, high screams and clean singing too.

The impressive performance features mosh parts too, making one move through its own space. In the middle of the set, they slow down a bit getting a Sludge touch and including a scary “Alison Hell” part plus epic approaches. Meanwhile the light supports the sound very well and hard jump cuts of the video get the visual attention.

In all the love for the classic Death, the band also sounds fresh like for example Nekrogoblikon. It is the punch in their music, and the relaxing effect. Rare quiet parts they perfectly fit in and transform back to pure heaviness and speed, of which you find a high portion in the final “Blood On Blood”.

That one was released on their last year’s “Humans Are Broken”, out via Napalm Records (Warbringer, Grave Digger, Jinjer) where they moved from Suburban Records (Peter Pan Speedrock, Dewolff). At the end they thank the evolved and as viewer you can be thankful for about half an hour of an outstanding Death Metal show, that definitely is worth watching out for in real as well.