Metalhead (Single 2021)

Ben Blutzukker

Brick Metal

The genre of (Heavy) Metal provides a wide freedom, as numerous subgenres show. Under the term ‘Brick Metal’, one artist synergises the music with another very special art form.

Ben Blutzukker exports his vision from Düsseldorf at the Rhine, home of likes of Die Toten Hosen, Warlock and Antilopen Gang. His concept is basically as simple as brilliant: He plays hard yet melodic Metal and provides an animated music video for each single, created with Lego in stop-motion.

Highlights so far were e.g. his cover of EAVsBa-Ba Banküberfall”, where he re-created the original video shot for shot, or the musically huge fun “Crucified” by Army Of Lovers, he covered with Liv Kristine. His own song “Radaudiophil” he wrote to answer sayings that Metal is just a phase and that he should wear something colorful.

With his latest tune entitled like the supporters of the genre and the great movie of the same name, he created another hymn for the fans and the scene. Just like Doro, Anvil or Arch Enemy or the classics everyone knows from Black Sabbath and Slayer. Help he gets from mighty Snowy Shaw of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Notre Dame, Illwill and Dream Evil. Both in the lyrics and the video, he placed hidden and obvious references to the huge bands of mainly the 90s.

“Eddie, Vic and Snaggletooth always stood by my side”, he refers to the famous mascots of Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Motörhead and talks from the heart of every Metalhead. Cover art of those bands can be found in the video as well, as there are twenty-two to find, when Ben takes on the VR helmet in a record store and dives into the various pictures.

Like this, he travels the artworks from likes of Manowar, Immortal, Dissection, Guns’n’Roses, Helloween, Metallica, Grave Digger, Nirvana, Body Count and more. The riff is a traditional whipping one, underlining this awesome tribute to the music, scene and images we love.