Monkey’s Game (Single 2024)

Black Lashes and The Face

Alternative Garage Psych Grunge Rock

Today’s technology is full of possibilities. It crosses borders like music does. And therefore, international projects and especially duos can be found in various genres like in Post Dream Folk of Black Cherry Marble or Melodic Death Metal of Chaos Over Cosmos

Another duo has dedicated itself to Alternative Rock. Mia Scarpetta is an artist from Florida. Her illustration style reminds of Sarah Pertermann. She designed the Black Lashes and The Face logo for their first recording of The Velvet Underground’sI’m Waiting For The Man“, displaying a red eye that is a clock at the same time. 

Second part of BL&TF is David Stecher from Austria, known under the label True Peak Sounds and formerly Finn Parker. Together, they released their first composition „Florida Sun“ in 2023, followed by „Monkey’s Game“. On the cover, yellow fruits blur in a swirl. 

Drums hit in like in „Hair of the Dog“ by Nazareth. The great guitar work and sound reminisce on Jackson United, Oasis and The Vintage Cinema Club while the one in the background of the verse adds a little darker even Nu Metal taste. That changes in the chorus, where Die Ärzte come up and big Indie harmonies like The Dandy Warhols.

Then it comes rolling over to the bridge, that is built very classical with a speaking part, as we can find it in modern Pop like Ruhmer. Still, the overall impression has a lot of comparable Rock acts like Great Red Silence or Lush City Ferals. And the last refrain then takes it all once more.

The drums, the guitars and the different vocal parts all blend to the final blast. Like a bow to the sound of a gone decade, igniting new fires and celebrating the melodies. Until everything comes to a relatively abrupt end.