Is it still a concert?


vogelfreiRAUM Rankweil, Austria 20240223

Up the mountains, the hope is for more snow and colder weather. Whereas down in the valley, the signs stand for a relaxed concert evening. Right at the main street of Rankweil, the vogelfreiRAUM opens its doors for another musical candy like back in the beginning for Mose

In the calendar, it reads Samsara Joyride, Salamirecorder and Saltbrennt. The last one is part of a kind of bubble of Tyrolean bands around 2seedsleft, Balconystories, Hello Sally and others. They have travelled e.g. to Café Carina or Altes Kino before. And so they have several returning guests at the place already and few more chairs are needed so everyone has a place to sit. 

As starter, the four-piece sings an a capella one: „Holt die Goschn!“ Like this, they have the laughters on their side immediatly. Other funny lyrics about tobogganing and the brand-new „Hoam zu dir“ follow. Drummer Jakob Köhle changes his sunglasses for each track on the setlist also after the break.

Then it continues with „Uns zwoa und die Sunn“ and one on pool fries. Coming to talk about the food, tuba and harmonica player Christian Deimbacher jokes that he is simply hot like the meal they had. After „What Shells“, the famous „Skilehrer Blues“ might have to be changed soon from „November to April“ to „December to February“, as the first ski resorts are closing already again. 

More songs that must not be missing are „Oben droben am Berg“ with the audience singing with the band again and „Aus die Maus“ reminding of „Ois hot sei End“ by Die Botschatn. Another a capella one also brings up thoughts on Árstíðir.

But what makes Saltbrennt special are their skills, the dialect in their Alpine Groove like Fritsch & The Jims or VSDG in Rap, and that they actually are a music group but their show is a cabaret too. And not enough, Jakob teams up with Sebastian Schweiger the day after to musically accompany the silent movie „Bronenosec Potemkin“ by Sergej Eisenstein at Leokino.