Sudokus (Single 2020)

The Boy I Used To Be

Expressive Melancholic Music


The word riddle itself brings up various associations. One thing is the song by Nik Kershaw, which was covered for example by Gigi D’Agostino and Death Angel. Another one is the character in Batman. Famous forms of riddles are Sudokus, that are good avocation at a bar or in the army, and lend their name for a new single of The Boy I Used To Be.

Musicians he appreciates are Charlie Cunningham, Ben Howard, Nick Drake, Listener, Ren & Sam Tompkins and Fountains D.C. But this new one he developed after listening to Tamino. The start of the four minutes escape is marked by a soft basic tone, followed by gentle strumming, pushing the door open to whatever place you might feel home.

This thought brings up the Motörhead cover of Hellsongs. Another association in the bridge is “Zzyxz Rd” by Stone Sour. Only difference, that that one is based on a piano. But as The Boy would have felt it, right in the moment, he adds some piano as well, but a cheap one, as he says. He also sings in falsetto at a point. Imperceptibly, the parts of the song melt with each other and go up high to the song’s peak.

As cover for his new tune, The Boy has chosen a photography of a house at a water, shot by water & clay. For the video, he had an idea with animal actors, but ended up with a nightly captured video of the way back home. It’s just like after the same situation, as the one told in the lyrics: “Wasting time having fun is a no-go.” Still it should be alright to simply sit e.g. at a bar like the Unders where he played before, spending time with a friend or a riddle.