Broad Spectrum, Similar Attitude

Traurig in Europa, Røst

Tunnel Vienna Live, Austria 20201016


There’s light at the end of the tunnel, or, as the slogan of the Tunnel is saying, there’s music at the end. This never appeared as true as during the current days. Entering the room downstairs, smiling faces welcome you with self-made printed hands on sticks as replacement for pogo and on the table, you find a lyric brochure.

The two bands of the evening are no strangers to each other, as they shared the stage at the Chelsea before. Røst has been playing the relevant places like the EKH and Friedhofstribüne and shapes up as one of the best Hardcore Punk acts around. Fast and diversified are their tracks like e.g. “Against The Train”. Lyrically they talk about refugees and fraternities and more. The set is split in two phases, as after the first one the line up changes. Third phase is the encore part. In 35 minutes, they play the whole discography, and the other 25 minutes they talk bullshit, the group jokes.

Traurig in Europa, shortly TiE, call their style Österreichischer Post Punk. They follow a similar political attitude. As they played at the Graf Hugo in Feldkirch with Peter Muffin Trio, they even made a protest song to show their solidarity for the youth house. For the concert, they brought their flags, and bassist Axl changes his outfit, when singing the song “HPD”. For “I’m On GroKo”, singer Max takes out a bicycle bell. The music is serious and aggressive, but at the same time, it would be possible to dance to it, and there is a lot of humor in it too. The last song is “Hurensohn” about the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and the chorus of “Taser Taser” concerning Harald Vilimsky, they keep playing between other tunes to add more action. On one evening and with only two bands, one can learn the broad spectrum of Punk.