The Satanic Singles Series Vol. 1 (Single 2020)

Clouds Taste Satanic

Instru-Metal Post Demonic Doom


The culture of doing covers manifests a new view on often very popular songs. There are great examples of Metal bands playing other Metal bands as well as non-Metal ones like Children Of Bodom, Machine Head, Exodus and DevilDriver did.

Clouds Taste Satanic follow a very nice own concept. They will put out four singles in four months, all of them presenting their vision of already existing songs. Mettle Media PR takes care of the promotion, like they do for Thunderbird Divine, Cycles Of The Damned, Temptress and more.

The band started off in 2013 in Brooklyn. Considering that this is not that long ago, they have published a very respectable discography already. Their doomy records often contain songs with a duration of twenty minutes, and feature hellish artworks like for example from Joos van Craesbeeck, similar to Hieronymus Bosch.

For the new release, the cover art comes from Alexander Goulet (APES), who worked with Carnifex, Dopethrone, Napalm Death, Thy Art Is Murder and Meet The Mailman. And the two tracks they chose very advisedly. Number one “Funeral For A Friend” by Elton John is probably one of the most outstanding examples on how phenomenal a song can work in another genre.

The song, that is epic anyway, wins even more in beautiful gloominess and is a tonal enjoyment. The great guitar work somehow reminds of the time it was written and other bands like the one of the recently passed Eddie Van Halen. Plus the band released a video with scenes from the movie “Rock Star“. As B-side of the single, Clouds Taste Satanic chose an even more special song, which not many might think about to play in a formation like this.

Everyone knows “Also sprach Zarathustra” from Richard Strauss even without knowing it. Mostly it got famous because of its usage by Stanley Kubrick. And in this special version, it unfolds some new impact. What else the band has planned, will remain interesting..