The Roaring and The Mighty

Savanah, Ozymandias

Presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space and Stone Free, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20201025


The fog is lying low on the capital of Austria and calms down everything for good. Basically the weather therefore would be good enough for an open air concert. But the organizers of Roadtrip To Outta Space and StoneFree (Great Rift, High Brian, Mothers Of The Land) early decided to let the bands play inside of the big hall of the Arena.

On arrival, the soundcheck of Ozymandias is hearable. The band from Linz teamed up with a group from Graz and met in the middle of both. Last time they played at the place with Raketkanon and more recently online. This time, after some Monster Magnet outside, everyone takes a seat to enjoy the show. They start with the phenomenal triple “Blasphemia”, “Doom I – The Daisies” and “Jelly Beans”. Between they joke that they are full professionals, as they’re not sure about the setlist. But it even includes a new song, which gives some taste of the next record.

The sound of Wolfmother leads the way outside. The break is long enough to queue for a drink and get back as tunes from “Damnation” are on. Savanah are the act from Styria, who already had the honor to open e.g. for Fu Manchu. Their huge sound, they have banned on two records so far, “The Healer” and “Deep Shades”. Live, the great drum beats combined with the fine Rickenbacker bass and Gibson guitar go right through the whole body. In addition there are the well-positioned vocals with a lot of reverb. Even though being seated, the performance is a full pleasure.

For the concert and the concert series, the hosts even designed gig posters. And they will continue with acts like The Heavy Minds, The Vampyres and Cadû and Ultima Radio, who are among the guests too.