Few Glimpses for the Cabin Luggage


Handgepäck Tour 2018 presented by Arcadia Live and Kronehit, Arena Wien, Austria 20181124


The good old Pink Panther cartoon series were famous for their splendid lyrics. And now a musician with splendid lyrics took on the name of the character Inspector Clouseau. Every time this word artist comes to town, the show is sold out, and so is the Arena this Saturday evening.

His musical brothers are e.g. Philipp Poisel or from Austria Gerard. Clueso melds Hip Hop with Singer-Songwriter harmonies and just released his eighth full-length “Handgepäck I”, an acoustic record with songs from his journeys. In the fully crowded big hall it is hard to find a place where it is still possible to actually see something from the band. But few glimpses are enough, because the music is wonderful to just listen too anyway.

Because of the band it is fascinating which other groups you can here within the sound like classic Dire StraitsDeep Purple or others. They start the show in front of a wooden wall with few songs from the new record, all of them very appealing. One is “Vier Jahreszeiten an einem Tag”, a Crowded House cover Clueso got to know on the radio in New Zealand as he tells. When they cover “Cello”, he starts to tell stories about getting to know and touring with Udo Lindenberg after. All of the sudden you got a cabaret on stage, as he knows how to imitate the German rock icon and a lot of examples e.g. how Lindenberg reacts when someone wants to hold him from smoking.

The gateway drug for Clueso’s music or at least one of them is the amazing “Chicago”, that the audience likes to sing with him loudely. His Bruce Springsteen cover “Es brennt wie Feuer” (with Kings Of Leon snippet) convinces the older people too, and the beautiful “Paris” marks the end of the regular set. But of course the evening is not done, as the encore features “Achterbahn” and “Zusammen” (a song with Die Fantastischen Vier) amongst others.

After over two hours (more two and a half) the band leaves, even though there would have been much more songs like “So sehr dabei” or “Wart Mal”. But after this respectful duration how could one complain. And outside Somerset Barnard plays his songs…