Come Unfreeze Me

Flut, SIND

„Global“ Release Show presented by Spoon Agency and Problembär Records, WUK Wien, Austria 20181128


Winter finally did arrive this late November week. It feels freezing and as you arrive at the doors and enter the court of the WUK, you’re looking forward to get into the warm hall, which will get even warmer during this great album release show.

The drums start it off with what aunt Vivian Banks once called a rimshot in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Stroboscope pops through the smoke, SIND are opening this show. Hearing “Mi Wifi es su Wifi” was cool the very first time already. The performance of the guys is even better. With a lot of enthusiasm they lead through their set. That a girl in the first row earns “more applause than Flut” is amusing to the singer. He tells that “Deine Magie” was the very first single, and that “Alpina Weiss” is “like the toast with ham and cheese of our songs – light and digestible.” The spontaneous switch of one song to an Eros Ramazzotti cover is great, and the uninhibited love on stage in the shape of hugs and kisses is very likeable.

Then Flut enter to present their new release “Global” after the first EP “Nachtschicht”. One of the godfathers of their music is Falco as they also tell in the interview with the ZiB24. But they don’t copy or imitate as they are rather independent, what also counts for the comparison with Bilderbuch. After gigs like the one at Rock im Dorf they manage to excite and impress with their cool show in the nice small room at the WUK. Their performance is highly professional, their style unique. At one point something like a moshpit appears, and after the encore the audience demands one more so they repeat “Cocktailbar”. The “music group” as they like to title themselves, that won ones heart with “Linz bei Nacht” and its wonderful video featuring Paul Plut of Viech, pulls through its thing on record and on stage grandiosely.