Solos, Jokes and Hits – Gillian, Morse, Glover, Paice and Airey in Concert

Deep Purple, Monster Truck

Stadthalle Halle D, Vienna, Austria 20170517


They are on the road since almost fifty years, and still they are not tired or silent. Deep Purple is an institution within the Hard Rock genre, and so there is no smaller place for them to play in Vienna except of the Stadthalle.

As the Halle D holds 16 000 people but was not totally sold out, they decided to hang curtains before few ranks, what makes the big place more familiar. Relating to families, the audience is more the experienced age, with some young ones between them. And what is especially nice, that some parents come with their kids to this concert.

In front of them Monster Truck from Canada starts the show, with fulminant Hard Rock. An energetic gig, but outstanding is their blues track “For The Sun”, that obviously shows, why they are a great choice to support Deep Purple. It is also the track, where the piano gets the most space. More great moments are the hypnotizing “She’s A Witch” and “The Lion”.

After this first gig, it does not take long, and a picture of the band members of Deep Purple in ice appears. Many already take a photo, and then the band starts with the opener of the new record “Infinite” called “Time for Bedlam”. At the time, Ian Gillian wears a white jacket, of which he gets rid of after. Also the tree other new songs fit greatly in the setlist. For some songs, violist Lidia Baich joins on stage, and even performs the “Donauwalzer” with Don Airey. Some may be still missing the gentle playing of Jon Lord, but this guy is just rocking his Hammond organ.

And so are the others, playing solos, making jokes and showing with their big hits like “Smoke On The Water” and “Black Night”, why they are (still) one of the greatest rock bands.