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Tides From Nebula – Spring 2017 European Tour w/ le_mol

Dancing or listening – Take a chance

Tides From Nebula, le_mol

Spring 2017 European Tour, DasBACH, Vienna, Austria 20170511


Their name is one of the biggest within the genre of Post Rock in Europe. Tides From Nebula are touring the countries, and played a very intimate concert at the DasBACH in Vienna.

For this occasion, the people arrive in time. Like that, the place is already crowded when le_mol play their set. Coming from the neighbourhood – 1070 – as they tell, the two young guys perform a fascinating world of music. Sound scapes, weirdly feeling but catchy melodies. A combination of musical bits and pieces and intruments. An interesting approach indeed. For example they play the guitar with a bow or suddenly add a glockenspiel. Obviously they are trying to create suspense through the unexpected, what actually works very good. Especially in one of the new songs, the abrupt breaks fulfil their purpose.

After this interesting ambient and dark experience, Tides From Nebula take their positions. Right from the beginning, the music is more rocking, even reminding of stadion bands like U2. But the facets are way more widely gritted. Melodies are intertwined in melodies, ranging from quiet to loud shredding of riffs. Good thing that most of the time the audience is not talking but listening closely, so it is possible to also enjoy the calm parts. With closed eyes and just moving to the music, it sometimes can even get you close to tears because of its beauty. Also the band takes chance of the small room. They say “Thanks” not even through the microphone but directly. At the end, guitarist Adam Waleszynski finds himself nearly at the other side of the room, playing in front of an all-time dancing fan.

No matter if the audience was dancing or just listening, as the band finishes, the applause is huge, and the smiles on the faces too.