Fight For Your Right To Party

Dog Eat Dog, Waltari, Fights & Fires

25 Year Anniversary All Kings Of Boro Tour 2019 presented by Kingstar Music, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20191008


The upcoming Viper Room program looks marvellous: Alphayn, Gutalax, Tides From Nebula, Destroyer 666, Legion Of The Damned, Ingested and many more are about to come. And since The Obsessed unfortunately had to cancel their tour, this Tuesday it is time for some legendary 90s Crossover instead.

Fights & Fires start the evening in front of a few people, who get more quickly. The shirt of drummer Lee saying “Oxygen Thief” grabs the attention first. And then even though being tired because of a short night before, as this band starts you instantly know you will love it: full of power with a Punk attitude and Hardcore sounds à la False King. They tell they have been to Vienna six years ago, and that the headliner will be fun, and guitarist Ryan takes a chance and jumps down to the audience. “Yeah, you’re right, there’s gonna be a fight tonight!”

The first tones of Waltari then might appear strange in the beginning, but few songs later you are convinced: This crazy music mixture of Rock, Metal, Hip Hop and House is made to party! Their Finnish origin they present in a Stone shirt and comparing the heat in the room with sauna. A sentence of a fan after this gig outside describes the fun atmosphere: “The back of my head eventually fell down on his face.”

Dog Eat Dog are back in town to celebrate their debut full-length “All Boro Kings”. Their mix of Hardcore and Hip Hop including a saxophone is made to party too. Singer John starts with an announcement: “No smoking and no stage action because I got my leg fucked up!” Fair enough. Music ties together, as he states. So the members of the band come e.g. from Switzerland and the Czech Republic. “Fuck politics, fuck financials.” Suddenly the concert is interrupted, as someone broke the rules. Luckily the band goes on, with guest singers and samples: “I like to drop beats I like, tonight especially from 1994.” So you hear licks like “I Got Five On It” or also “Hot In Herre”. The speaking choir goes “Rock – Roll! Hip – Hop! Heavy – Metal! Punk – Rock!” Apart from their own hits, the set features a Helmet / House Of Pain cover from the Judgement Night soundtrack as well as a Green Day song.