Rumble at the Gallery while the World outside is running

KIP, NŪR, Dmamadaka, La Trumpet

Doom Over Haifa 2, House Gallery Haifa, Israel 20190912


The Holy Land rumbles this sunny summer evening, as a local Metal offspring band hosts the Doom Over Haifa 2. While Betzefer announces their next Czech tour, Orphaned Land is on German TV in Conny Schiffbauer’s (Rock Hard) “All Is One” and The Great Machine is about to play at the Barby Tel Aviv, this formation celebrates their homecoming with three more heavy weights at the House Gallery.

Maybe more known locations are the Wunderbar or the Reading 3 TLV, but the House Gallery scores with an unbeatable atmosphere. Right next to a kiosk and a parking lot, the painted walls indicate the entry to a gallery. The friendly fans and staff help one to feel welcome instantly, plus the good Goldstar Dark Lager Beer to shorten the time until the start.

KIP then starts with what they named as Karate-box-black-metal, that appears to be some kind of intense Drone mixed with a bit Doom. Driven by a clarinet loaded with varying effects and partly supported by dramatic vocals, their sound steadily moves forward. Especially the deep passages let the walls of the beautiful room quake.

Hosts of the night are NŪR, part of Shalosh Cult. They just finished their European tour, which lead them to Czech Republic too amongst others and released their EP “Light Emerges” via Suicide Records in Febuary. Plus they will be featured on the Machine Music sampler. In their hometown, they show that they are a live might as well. The Sunn O))) shirt of guitarist Eran is not an empty promise, talking about their sound. And for the light, they play the last part only in the mobile lights of the audience.

Dmamadaka are responsible for the third ritual gig of this night. They bring it all back to reduced Stoner riffs and clenching static rhythms to hypnotize like e.g. Rollins Band used. Accompanied by insisting shouting, they are complete. And while they end in Doom again, the last act comes up with trembling Noise.

Copying the description of La Trumpet to Google Translate, it spits out words like “great heat”, “nikotin”, “fanfare” and “rainbow”. Their brutal music reminds of Primitive Man, composed only of drums, guitar, synthesizer and again screaming vocals, blowing the final blood out of the ears and feelingly tearing everything surrounding apart.

The gig poster by Tami mazin jerassi art was available as limited edition print. And anyway, this beautiful Metal night at this comforting place was so much worth the visit, and for sure the Hardcore Punk / Post Hardcore Night will be great too.