Birthday Party in Punk Rock Style

DeeCRACKS, The Windowsill, The Richies, Trauma Centrum – Süd

DeeCRACKS Sweet Sixteen Fest Day 2 presented by Slam Alternative Music Magazine, OxFanzine and, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20190920


It’s been sixteen years, since a Austrian Punk institution was born. And this occasion, the band celebrates on three days in the Captial Vienna. The first day, Boogie Hammer, Hakan and The Sino Hearts play at the Arena Dreiraum. The second day, the band itself takes over. And on the third day, they present a bonus show at the Rhiz.

On Friday, Deafheaven play at the big hall, so it is possible to listen to the impressive sound of Portrayal Of Guilt outside before entering the Dreiraum. Unfortunately, this day the organisers have to announce that two acts had to cancel. But they found replacements and like this, Trauma Centrum Süd opens instead of Lucy and the Rats. They are a Hockey fun combo, performing in Hockey clothing and nailing it with songs like “No Emotion”. With their name, they remind of e.g. the Südchaos Fanclub of the VEU Feldkirch.

The second act The Richies come straight form Duisburg. They convince optically and with the joy they spread. They come up with songs from their new album “Autumn Fall” as well as they play tunes like “Hells Grannies” and “(This Ain’t) What I’m Living For”. The Windowsill from Rotterdam / the Netherlands then follow. It is the first time in Vienna for them, but their Pop Punk style quickly infects their audience. And so the dancing gets more and more, ready for the show of the birthday child host of the evening.

The DeeCRACKS made themselves a name and a lot of friends from all around. That explains the international line-up and that they even flew in one band from China and that members of e.g. Wild Evel & The Trashbones or Go! Go! Gorillo are in the audience. They start as a four-piece, before going on the three of them and with even more speed. As huge final, they get John “Jughead” Pierson of Screeching Weasel on stage again, with whom they played on Thursday, and also Will Studdert of the Zatopeks. A very successful anniversary show, with wonderful gig posters by Steve Little Fingers and Mahola Screen Addicts and an after show party with DJane Mrs Lovett.