Down The Street There Is A Park

Def Ill, Polifame, Sonde44, Mo Cess

Duzz Down San Blockparty, Auer-Welsbach-Park, Vienna, Austria 20200912

There is quite something going on at the 15th district of Vienna. While the Reindorfgassenfest is happening, few meters down the road at the Auer-Welsbach-Park, the label Duzz Down San invites to their blockparty.

Next to several DJ sets, they announce live appearances as well. The first one to grab the mic is Mo Cess from Tyrol. Together with Pirmin he recorded the coming EP “Koan Sinn”, that is part of his sovereign show. As he moderates the party with P.Tah, he does himself the honors at the end.

Sonde44 is part of the crew Da Kessl as well. He spits about party at the moon, to live and die, and for two songs Mo Cess joins again: “Du Muasch Leider Gian” and “Zviele”. Act number three is Polifame, accompanied by Chrisfader. P.Tah tells he’s a Rap veteran from Linz, the city he talks about in “1 ½ Stund”. He also plays “Bin Dafür Baut” from the Polirac album “Kreuzwort” and the title track and “A so ana bist du” from his new EP “Tukan” (Release show at Chelsea on Thursday, 8th October).

As Kinetical & P.Tah have their new record “Lift” coming soon as well, they perform a short set. From “Ghost” they play “Blacklisted”, and new ones are “Temperament” and “Proper”, which was recorded by Mirac and features the headliner of the evening Def Ill.

With “Lobotomie”, he has released the Rap album of the year as they say, and this is the release show. For “Zeltstädte Pt. 2” he gathered several colleagues, and also he collaborated with Fokis (“Next Level”), Monobrother (“Olle schuid”), Digga Mindz (“Riot”), Afu-Ra, Skero, and Philiam Shakesbeat. Tonight, he shares the stage with K.S.Kopfsache and invites Misses U and MARIE too. His energetic show infects the audience and pushes the temper to the maximum.

Due to the great performances and the sound by Muh at the mixer, the Duzz Down San blockparty is a clear success. And so they plan another one for the 10th October.