Borders (Music Video 2020)

Counter The Eulogy

Alternative Rock


The Austrian (Alternative-) Rock scene likes to celebrate itself with special evenings in various locations, often organized by Metalnight Outbreak and NoBack Booking. Few names that you might come across are Finn Parker, Splush and Bioglycerin. And since their debut 2016, one band is back now with new material.

The first general impression of “Borders”, the latest single of Counter The Eulogy from Styria, brings up thoughts of Young Guns and Story Of The Year. A very well structured song, that has its focus on powerful guitar work and a dynamic rhythm. Steve on lead guitar begins, followed by singer Mark on rhythm guitar, before Matt on bass and Stef on drums complete the instrumental part.

Within the song, the band uses various techniques to give it more depth. One thing is the second voice in the verses and the refrain as well. That one starts with an anacrusis, which even gets stronger with a short quieter part in the second third. After this, the big final follows. A straight beat and a guitar solo, rhythm changes and varying lyrics for the last chorus, before the track fades out.

Speaking of the lyrics, they talk about being locked or better about limiting oneself due to fear, and how to tear down walls and break out. The video is a classical performance one. It looks like shot in the rehearsal room and demonstrates the clever use of the conditions like the Dogme 95. For example the light of two windows creates silhouettes. The camera is moving generally and the cuts are well positioned so you don’t actually see them.

Like this, the camera switches skillfully between the protagonists, e.g. going back from the drummer to the singer and changing focus. Everything seems sophisticated, like the single covers that at the end will be one. Everyone has his function, and on YouTube you can even find a playthrough. And there is more to come, like gigs at the Viper Room and Café Carina and the next song “Running Away”, the second one of the future EP “With Eyes Wide Open”.