Dante’s Inferno (EP 2020)

Flight Of Eden

Progressive Metal


From where once Nirvana recorded one of their most renowned live moments, comes a brilliant Progressive Metal concept EP. Inspired by world-famous Italian literature, it is spread by Memphia Music PR & Management (also Aiden Hatfield, Better Than Mending, My Octopus Mind, Black Income and more).

Nearly everyone might have some pictures in mind when hearing “Dante’s Inferno”. It might be a painter or a TV series. But Flight Of Eden now have created the soundtrack to the journey leading down the abyss of hell, including an own artwork with a lot of details to find like a Barlog. In “Nessus” you get prepared with shiffering sounds, sort of mystic sci-fi, clerical, adjuratory. Coming to “Selva Obscura”, the downward spiral begins to spin. You realize where you are, but you cannot see the end of the gorge, so panic begins to rise.

“Canto I – Virtue” brings in clearly defined drums and booming bass with Thrash impact. The strong vocals remind of huge voices like Chuck Billy or Corey Taylor. The already saved melody returns, plus a second voice and growls. Seamless it changes to “Cerberus”, which is again fast like Stam1na but with brutal growls like Deicide at first, changing to higher screams making think of Devin Townsend, and the solo is balm to the soul. The following “Heresy” is uplifting as well and surprises with keys and a clean guitar.

After this short intermezzo a wild bass in “Morning Star” is pushing fast, getting to a mid-tempo headbanger part, changing to off-tempo and from growls changing again to great clean singing. The final hit leads to “Purgatory” and a riff like from Cadû. A little bit concerning and frightening, but wonderful and fascinating as well and giving you goose bumps.

In “Paradiso” the keys are back and a decent jazz drum. Then they lead to the big final. Light is coming through, so dramatically and theatrically as only Glam Rock was. But it’s not done. The violin brings back the melody of the beginning in “Virgil”, it’s going downwards the abyss again, a long last chord fades away and fire blazes…