True Rock’n’Roll Dignity and Atmosphere

Lemmy – 49 % Motherf**ker, 51 % Son Of A Bitch (2010)



It’s been a few years, since a pre-ordered DVD reached a flat in Austria, followed by an emotional night watching this very special documentary. Many nice ones have been made like “God Bless Ozzy Osbourne”, “Back and Forth”, “Metal” or “It Might Get Loud”. But this one has to be played every your, at the birthday and the day of death, and also between.

Lemmy of Motörhead was not only a musician, leading many youngster on the glory path of Hard Rock Heavy Metal. He incarnates a live style, that he wrote about in his biography “White Line Fever”, and is impactful on this audio-visual work. In interviews with other stars and scenes of his daily live up to the stage, it tells the aspects of a man that lived Rock’nRoll in dignity like no one else.

One of the sweetest since is right in the beginning, when the owner of a record store gives The Beatles mono box to Lemmy as a present. No matter if he is at this store or on stage, his style is memorable. For that reason, he even had his own boot maker. And with a big smile on his face, Scott Ian likes to recall the story, when Lemmy showed them his shorts.

Even though e.g. Dave Grohl considers him as the King of Rock’n’Roll, Lemmy himself adored likes of Elvis and Buddy Holly, what he lived with The Head Cat. At the Rainbows Bar & Grill, the outside area nowadays is the Lemmy Lounge. And at his former school, the pupils worship the bassist with playing his tunes on the piano.

Together with his son Paul, he shared women twice, the two recount at the flat near the Sunset Boulevard. With Hawkwind, their rhythm and stroboscope, it was about to get in trance, and Henry Rollins thinks about the connection to Punk. Stars who think about their favourite quote include Ice-T amongst others and to James Hetfield: “Lemmy is like the OK-sign”.

In the end there has to be mentioned Lemmys style to play bass. Concerning that, he talks with roadie Tim, who formerly worked for Norah Jones. The friendly atmosphere between band and crew, and the overall feeling this movie spreads, are reasons to watch it every time again.