Flying Circus – Best Of (Compilation 2021)

Flying Circus

Classic Progressive Hard Rock


The year 1990 marked the beginning of a critical time for heavy music to many. Even though Rock was alive with Jon Bon Jovi, Cinderella and Scorpions as well as Metal with Slayer, Bathory and Sacred Reich. And another newly formed band took on the style of King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and Rush.

Flying Circus hail from Grevenbroich at the river Erft. Their name might possibly be taking from Monthy Python. To their 30th anniversary, just shortly after their last concept album “1968”, they took on the challenge to re-record songs from their band history and a new tune as well, to publish it as Best Of.

As partner they have Fastball Music and Bob Media on their side, patrons of CroworD, From Hell, Razzmattazz and Gonoreas. Flying Circus combine many Classic and Progressive influences, but stand out with some trademark sound aspects. From the beginning, the acoustic guitar is very present, making think of Flamenco and 60s heroes The Who and The Doors.

The new composition “Dystopia” greatly fits into the older material. “Fire (I Wanna Go) their 2013 EP “Ones And Zeroes” underlines their skills to combine the style of likes of Dire Straits with more modern ones like Everlast with Santana. The usage of several voices is important as well as strings, that sometimes give a medieval or Irish touch.

More Progressive vibes are from Emerson, Lake & Palmer (“Living A Lie”) and Pink Floyd (“The Hopes We Had”). A true highlight within the bands greatest hits is “Pride Of Creation”. Close to the end of the record, the tone gets bit more heavy, shifting to WhoCares and even Grave Digger might pop up.

But the already mentioned trademarks stay the awesome and often fast played acoustic guitar like Death Angel even adapted to Metal and the violins, adding more depth to the production. Having songs from all records (expect of “Back”, unreleased material published with “Forth”), this refined album actually would deserve the title “Essential”.