Lonely Thoughts (EP 2021)


Modern Folk Singer-Songwriter

There are situations, which might feel familiar to many people. But only few are able to write it down, leaving the negativity behind and make it a hopeful diversion like “Lonely Thoughts”.

After the fantastic debut, Yunger kept on releasing cheerful tunes like “Goodbye My Little Heroine”, the EP “Short Stories” and “Cold Cold Heart”. There are some, who spend isolation with playing records loud, as a meme says. And there are those, who deliver the material, as they use the time creatively. For example with instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, accordion, cello, piano, stompbox and double bass.

All of those can be heard within this six songs and four more bonus campfire editions. Like a fire or more a vinyl, “Procrastination” cracks in the beginning, bringing in the good mood. It tells from stuff one should take care of like cleaning up and watching series in the afternoon. One trademark of Yunger are the great harmonies and his voice. With some imagination, you can even detect “Helden und Diebe” in the chorus.

Free Time” self-critically thinks about social media, with little melodies in the background and a fingerstyle ending, like Yunger recently did of “Silent Night”. Chapter III “Helping Hands” is a quiet one with verve, putting us into a harbor atmosphere of nostalgia.

This goes on with “In Need of a Friend” that starts with the sweetness of “Forrest Gump” and which title is self-explaining. The same applies to “Unfinished Songs”, something probably most musicians can relate to. The chords remind of hmbc but lead somewhere else, especially to a beautiful bridge.

With the last “No Room for Worries”, Yunger invites once more to travel with him musically to the mountains and see the world from above or another “Ochrasy”. Apart from the harmonies, the mixing of this EP is impressive, as it is as round and clear as the six songs with this very fitting final.

Plus the bonus part includes “For All You’ve Lost” (which has a great DIY lyric video), Free Fallin’-brother “Sarakina” and slowed down versions of “No Room For Worries” and “Yet Another Travel Song”.