Viva Live Indie Vegas

Foals, Bear Hands, Kiev

Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, Nevada 20190327


Las Vegas, the crazy weird city built out in the nowhere in the desert, gives various opportunities to watch live music. The 172 is dedicated to the loud earth-shaking genres. Acts like Lil Jon or Tyga can be found at for example the Jewel Club, where you have to meet the dress code. And idols of the Indie scene you can check out e.g. at the amazing Brooklyn Bowl.

Before the gig, you can take a ride with the High Roller, half an hour with a marvellous view of the strip and unlimited drinks during the time. That can cause you show up a little too late unfortunately for the first support group. Kiev come from Orange, Orange County, CA (this place with the movie of the same name featuring Jack Black and the funny “The One” music video of the Foo Fighters). Stepping into the place, their set sounds already cool from the far. The best explanation they deliver themselves: “instrument music with some machines and singing”. Their 2014 “Be Gone Dull Cage” gives a nice example of their modern groove, catchy like some Temper Trap.

The second support from the east coast perfectly fits in the line up as well: Bear Hands from Brooklyn, NY. Their beats and vibes at some point even go into Hip Hop directions, a nice and danceable mixture. Their recent “Blue Lips” they peform with singer Dylan Rau’s girlfriend Ursula Rose. And then, after one more song, it is time for the headliner Foals from the UK. Starting with the cool new “On The Luna” with 80s-drive, they get the audience moving with “Mountain At My Gates”, “My Number” and “What Went Down”, in some way even drifting into the Stoner spheres. In Austria they can be seen soon again at the Szene Open Air next to for example Frank Turner and Welshly Arms.