Next Level Family

Spidercrew, Owe You Nothing

Arena Beisl Wien, Austria 20190321


This March for some reason is the perfect proof that it is possible to attend amazing concerts for little money, as every one so far has cost less than ten euro. After the Kramladen, the Café Carina and the Pankahyttn, the way leads to the Arena Beisl.

One nice thing about the Arena is, that basically you can watch every kind of music, from Hip Hop like Clueso to Alternative like Tash Sultana to Metal and Hard Rock like Spidergawd. That is why at the big hall that night Electro DJ Jon Hopkins lays down his tunes, while at the Beisl the tone is Hardcore Punk.

Like in the Stoner Rock scene, where the bands like to support each other and play concerts together, the Hardcore scene is like a world-wide family, not only thinking about the YouTube channel featuring e.g. Deafness by Noise. That additionally makes one feel like home when visiting this concert, that Owe You Nothing start pretty late. They also played the big hall opening for Madball and Risk It! the last year, this time the audience can get way closer. Their friendly and energetic show of course features songs from their debut EP “Cut Throats” like the intense “Doomed City”.

The second group is connected with this EP too as Mike Crucified sang on “Stand Your Ground”. He is also in Only Attitude Counts and Bust The Chain is one more band connected with Spidercrew. The already fully crowded Beisl feels even fuller when they start. The tables are bit in the way of the moshpit, but doesn’t hold the people back. Since twenty years already, this band exactly knows how to motivate their audience with their heavy sound. With their recently released video “The Enemy Within” and the upcoming OAC song “All Ages”, Viennastyle Hardcore goes into the next round.