It Iz A Dope Hip Hop Thursday


“Seasons Change, People Too: Welcome To The Ghetto” Album Release, Party & Live Performance Online Live Stream 20200427


In “I’m Your Pusher” from 1988, Ice-T compared himself to a dope dealer selling records. And this evening it is time to share some new and modern dope joints.

How many acts do you know with a cool cartoon self? Fokis got himself a nice comic version, that makes his merch remindable. In autumn 2019, he played with Onyx at the Flex. Now he has new music to give to the world. So he teams up again with DJ Illegal of the Snowgoons, to do this via the interent.

For the first part, they invited the fans to submit their music. And so tracks in English, German, French and Spanish by for example Freelance and Scarface stand next to picks like Sicknature and Napoleon The Legend. Fokis then takes time to talk about that the (independent) music is all about sharing and supporting each other.

After “Don’t Stop Me Now” he is ready for the show. The new record “Seasons Change, People Too” was planned as double album. Due to the circumstances and because he cannot be on tour in Europe with The Game amongst others and his stuff is still in Austria, he decided to release it in four parts. Part one is “Welcome To The Ghetto”.

Following his sharing ethos, he worked together with people from all around and brings Relit to one’s mind. “Street Gospel” is made by a producer from Linz. Fokis has lots of sentences of wisdom we basically know, but maybe forget about, like in “Think About It”: “…before you make a move.”

Also it is about good energy, that he transports to his audience. Joint number three “Born To Win” was produced by Weirdo Beats from Milan, including the message “Learn from your mistakes”. The instrumentals got an old school spirit and also his appearance and performance make them so likeable. A personal highlight is the final “The More Things Change”, reminding of some Ja Rule.