Take A Rest Exactly Like Them

Fatima Moumouni, Laurin Buser

bajour Gärngschee Kultur Vol. X Live Stream 20200429


Basel. A beautiful Suisse city at the river Rhine, close to the border to France and Germany. And this evening, the platform bajour broadcasts two poetry artists presenting their texts with a band.

Fatima Moumouni and Laurin Buser together are the Nuggets or team “Zum Goldenen Schmied“, a combo like Philiam Shakesbeat and Kerosin95. Fatima is Spoken Word artist and journalist and soon will host a late night show. Laurin stands in the tradition of Rap acts like Brandhärd, 7962 and Fred und Punkt, gaining support of guru Samy Deluxe, with whom he went on tour. In the preceding interview, the duo tells that they weren’t sure about the live stream, but with band there’s even little nervosity and that they soon will release an EP together.

Their lyrics are in proper German to make them easier understandable. Eight tracks they have prepared with the band consisting of Raphael on bass, Daniel on guitar and Florian on drums. This combination of a very strong live band and Rap reminds of Scheibsta und die Buben who won’t appear in this constellation anymore but online as well. After a kind of introduction in the first song and the shine on the face in the second, Laurin presents his upcoming single “Wo warst du” as third solo, making think of “So sehr dabei”.

The energy of both protagonists is tangible also in Fatimas more aggressive track she compares to Death Metal herself: “Do you see me marching?” Two more solo tunes follow, where also the band shows what they got, giving the groove with the bass, accents with drums and great fills with the guitar solos. Both final songs are premieres: Number seven deals with the thought that we are not alone with our problems. And the last one they just finished on Tuesday. It is about being too busy. But thanks to the Nuggets and the awesome band, you can take a rest with them.