Back And Forth (2011)

Foo Fighters



There’s not only one band on earth that had to make its way from ‘wreckage to world class’. And this also ain’t a story that wasn’t told before. But this story about the band of Dave Grohl, who is recognized as being close to his fans and a workaholic, can be an inspiration again and again.

The story of the Foo Fighters was part of his autobiography as well. And it is also told in a full-length documentary. After the concert films “Everywhere But Home”, “Skin And Bones”, “Hyde Park” and “Wembley”, it actually was time for this one, telling the band’s story (and later even more in “Sound City” and “Sonic Highways”).

It all starts with pictures of Dave’s childhood, before coming directly to the time with Nirvana. A dream that maybe many have pictured, that you can jump into your favourite band. This happened to Dave as drummer and quite similar to Pat Smear of the Germs. Due to the early death of Kurt Cobain, the members have to start over.

The first self-titled record is recorded at Robert Lang Studios. Turning down a job at Tom Petty, the Foos then consist of Dave, Pat and Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith of Sunny Day Real Estate. The passing over of William on the second record probably is the worst move of the whole band history.

But despite several line up changes, welcoming Taylor Hawkins (Alanis Morisette) and Chris (No Use For A Name) and personal problems, the band manages to find new courage every time again and convince with tracks like “Enough Space” and “Times Like These”. With their music videos, which they see as commercials, they even motivated a video cover band.

After “One By One”, one top album follows the other, including ‘their‘ “Physical Graffiti” as Dave ones told, and trying a new approach on each of them. The basic climax of the movie is Wembley, but the recordings on tape of “Wasting Light” at the end are one too, including Krist Novoselic playing bass on “I Should Have Known”.

The interview settings are dark, in which the protagonists tell the story. From touring with Beck and RHCP, being close to a breakup, ups and downs. There are only few minutes for each part of the history. And the result is one of the biggest Rock bands of the time.