Unexpected Salutary Alliances

Hypnotic Floor, Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs

Arena Mini Open Air presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space and StoneFree Records, Arena Wien, Austria 20210909

The warm September week is coming closer to its end, as NoBack Booking occupy the Gürtel with Exit Green and TSO on Wednesday and The Soundheads and more unplugged on Thursday. And at the same time, RTOS and StoneFree continue their collab concert series at the Arena.

Few weeks ago, Great Rift and Liquid Earth already did the honors. Now this show marks something special, as none of the bands written on the ticket are actually playing, as finally both had to cancel. So instead of The Vampyres and Cadû (who have their vinyl release on Saturday), two other up and coming acts took their places.

As Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs get on stage in time, a substantial group is already watching in front of it. If they took their name because of Inspector Gadget, Clouseau, Barnaby, Inspectah Deck or for a completely different reason is unknown. That they love what they do and have a lot of ideas, they proof tonight. Their arrangements include enthralling changes and riffs going even bit in Jazz direction. The voice is used intelligently and partly reminds of the ones they are replacing: Cadû. More genres heard in their ‘criminal rock’ could be likes of Classic Stoner Blues.

And the show goes on in similar yet more Rock’n’Roll style with Hypnotic Floor. Their name recently could be read on a catchy dazed & confused gig poster. Characteristic key features of this band are the usage of several voices and guitar melodies, that somehow even remind of the mighty Iron Maiden but with Fuzz. With more specialities like a bottleneck and a mouth harp, they are the perfect supplement with Inspector Deniz. And soon there will be more great alliances in this series like Intra and Ultima Radio or as RTOS Mothers of the Land and Lowbau as well.