Airy Casual Dancing & Smiling

gab&gal, Fiesta Forever

Venster 99 Wien, Austria 20190425


The Venster 99 generally is more known for heavy Punk and Metal gigs. But as a place with attitude, they are open for other genres too and so a lukewarm spring evening two Indie Rock formations hailing from the far West take over.

The first one appeals with a special concept. Fiesta Forever consists partly of members of The Yellow Riffs (others are in Squared Timber). When entering the stage, they let the band name giving title “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie play, before playing an exciting own intro. Their playing looks airy and elegant as their songs, that make think of Nancy Sinatra or a Tarantino soundtrack in general. That they cover Tom Jones is just one nice move, and the logo stickers of Black Flag and the Misfits on singer Alexander guitar make them being home in the location. Not to forget that this is the first gig ever of the boys.

gab&gal continue the airy and casual style that makes them friendly to most new listeners instantly. Philipp Spiegl (Philipp Spiegl & the Mucky Fingers, Montague) lend his guitar to gab, still he needed to change to Johannes’ of Fiesta Forever after two songs. But the band doesn’t let any stress come up and improvises a little bit lead by “imported from Tyrol” keyboarder Sebastian (2seedsleft). The set they started again with the formidable “Time Is Relative” delivering a cross section of their previous work plus two newer ones that “will be on the third record”. gal is in his element too, playing the Djembe part in “15 Years” on his normal drums and standing up on his seat during “It Keeps Me Down” like he used to do playing “Anatomic Journey” back in The Goldtops with Mats and Martin (both Great Red Silence).

Just in the spirit of the place, the two bands attracted a diverse audience and could convince with a sweet sound and atmosphere leading to dancing and smiling.