We Could Have Been Radiant (Album 2024)

Goodbye Meteor

Green Post Rock

Somewhere in the north of France, not too far from where the ‚Ch’tis‘ live, a music is on the rise. Like in the capital, where Miracle Tales holds up the flag and other corners of Europe looking at ništa or Solaris, Post Rock is all over. And from Abbeville comes another mentionable debut. 

Three EPs („Northtape“, „Endlesstape“ and „Metanoia“) were ahead this first full-length of Goodbye Meteor. The band with the spacey name also plays cine-concerts similar to Italian outfit Earthset. „We Could Have Been Radiant“ they released via dunk!records from Belgium and therefore is part of the dunk!fest alongside le_mol and others. 

For the album, they produced a behind the scenes teaser. Beautiful guitars are indispensable in this setting. So „This Is Not Here“ starts with a beautiful line right away and the same applies to the bass. Psychedelic flows meet rhythms and well-placed vocals, peaking with the drums like in the following „No Signal“. 

Howling guitars accompany „Destructuration“, for which Goodbye Meteor shot a music video. It is not only an interaction of lights and shadows but shows the inner fight against oneself like a violent dance. The painful facial expression reminds of the clip for „Let Them Fall“ by Saint Vitus and the knife of cult movie „Psycho“. 

What We Are Here For“ again shows their ability to arrange and find the right time to place their instruments in this twelve minute epic. Transitioning to the title track, the noise and distant beat bring up the beginning of the „House of Gold & Bones“ by Stone Sour, while the guitars feel like letting a kite soar at the coast. 

Maybe at this coast, there are flowers too, like on the picturesque cover art. The closing one and a half minutes of „Phosphenes“ lay you to rest like The Boy I Used To Be or calm Ozymandias. No wonder, that the flower vortex vinyl is already sold out and of the white splatter only few are left.