Tremendously dark, intense and beautiful

Paul Plut

„Herbarium“ Album Release Show presented by LÆSSIG Booking, WUK Wien, Austria 20240313

Sometimes the best things happen accidentally. Like when you go to a concert and the support act is simply fascinating. So while Speedy Ortiz play at fluc, The Obsessed release a new video and with „The Devil’s Bath“, an extraordinary grim movie is in theaters featuring music by Soap&Skin, another dark musicians releases his third album at WUK presented by LÆSSIG Booking.

The very same evening, some visitors play a secret dinner game and Elena Riener celebrates her exhibition opening of „Memento“. At the hall, the Doom arrives, the Marchafunebere accompanied by the media: Paul Plut recently supported Culk and presented his second album already at the very place. Now he tours seven cities with „Herbarium“ out on tape, as he tells in his newsletter.

With him on stage are Marie Pfeiffer (Lurch) and Julian Pieber (Good Wilson). All of them change the instruments, so there’s actually quite some moving on stage. Apart from ‚exotic‘ instruments like the ‚Teufelsgeige‘, the ‚noisebox‘ and jew’s harp amongst others, the visuals in the back catch the eye. When Paul tells a story between the songs, it is as important as his lyrics. 

So before „Lucken in der Landschaft“, he tells e.g. about the son of Josef Ahrer, who visited his concert in Steyr this February, ninety years after his father was executed. Then a massive version of „Vota“ follows and also „Wo einmal nichts war“ is a highlight. Again, every seat has a little present on it, a ‚booster pack as Magic players know‘, and one contains a joker that wins the new album featuring this song. 

Schwarze Finger“ and especially „Sunn“ are extremely touching too, almost moving to tears. What the newsletter didn’t tell are the encores including „Teifi“ and „B320“ with „Lärche“-outro. His thanks Paul addresses to everyone by name at the place and to those, who made the album happen like Alexander Lausch. The local music scene is diverse, and Paul Plut definitely counts to the most exciting and best ones. 

P.S.: Anne-Sophie, Silent Disco, Amistat, Die Sterne, Endless Wellness, Ness, Guadalajara and more are up next at WUK.