Iron Steel Metal Triumph

Grand Magus, Evil Invaders, Elm Street

Sword Songs Tour 2017 presented by District 19, Viper Room, Austria 20171030


Sometimes it takes a long time, that a special band finally is able to do a headliner tour. One example is the already well-known story of Anvil, and another made its premiere this October at the European mainland.

In Vienna they take over the Viper Room with two supporting acts, thirst one named Elm Street from Australia. As they also came on tour with Iced Earth and Warbringer already, some people know them and are right to be happy. They “are here to bang the head and celebrate the power of Heavy Metal!” And they do, in the best possible way – total recommendation.

With the following Belgians called Evil Invaders, there is no backing down. Their Thrash storm breaks down, the drum, that actually at least takes a third of the place of the stage is rumbling, and the songs kicking in as only Thrash can do. Special visual effect is the green light from the bottom, that reminds of Lemmy singing “Orgasmatron” in the same scary shine. Authentic as they appear, it was at an early state, they signed to Napalm Records and went to tour with e.g. Destruction, a history, that is completely comprehensible after seeing this live blast.

And then it is time to answer questions like: “What could be more Metal than Steel Versus Steel?” When seeing the Swedish Heavy Stoner Doom formation Grand Magus it seems clear: Nothing! The attitude of this three-piece, the great songs and mighty lyrics, the audience couldn’t be more motivated like this Monday, and the band feels it. “In Stockholm they’d be like Zombies. I am impressed.” One of the rare times it doesn’t seem to be just a saying. “When in trouble it takes an Iron Will!” The big words go on, until everything comes down to the crowd chanting the lick of “Hammer Of The North”.