Breathing in this silence like never before

Great Red Silence, World’s Worst Poet

Presented by Stranger Sounds, B72 Wien, Austria 20190522


It’s an unusually cold May in Vienna, the clouds are hanging low since days and this evening the rain is falling heavily when getting to the B72 in the northern part of the Gürtel. About two weeks ago, James Choice & the Bad Decisions made their visit, and now two bands present themselves under the name of the music production Stranger Sounds.

The story of World’s Worst Poet began on the tourbus of The Boys You Know, where Manuel (Clavigo) wrote a song and singer Tom told him that he should do something about it. The first three tunes he presents solo before the band joins in. His strong voice at some point reminds of Chris Cornell but is able to vary too. To a sense of delight drive of Joe Cocker he adds a little darkness of Johnny Cash. Lyrics to relate and in the final being sweetly corny. Plus Onk Lou joins in for one verse of “Trains Cars Western Guitars” and before stands mischievously behind Manuel.

The second band is Great Red Silence, finally back on stage at the Gürtel after the show at the Chelsea. They recently started working with Rola Music (e.g. Hayley Reardon, Go By Ocean) and are part of Wohnzimmer Booking. Their live set they start with the single 4AM. Their style shifts from Stoner to Indie to nearly Metal riffs and screams, plus some spacy sounds between the songs – Silence is a canvas is their motto. “Mantis” and “Honest Mistake” count to the older songs but are accompanied by many newer compositions. The earworm “White Shark Café” got the third new singing line and bandhead Mats delivers a great second voice.

Both acts manage to convince completely, but aren’t the only bands from the orbit of The Boys thinking of Queen Leer. The poet sells download codes for his EP with self-made gymbags or chilli sauce (which is delicious!). And Great Red tells to watch out for their release show at the Kramladen in September. Meanwhile the B72 will host acts like Roadwolf, Kommando Elefant, Bad Manners and Electric Six.