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Great Red Silence w/ Moonwrecker – Live at Chelsea 2017

Silence Is Gone

Great Red Silence w/ Moonwrecker

Chelsea, Vienna, Austria, 2017-02-23


Thursday night, the perfect time for a nice little concert at the Chelsea Music Place in Vienna. The Great Red Silence is inviting to a rock’n’roll evening, and as support they got a really very special guest:

It is Moonwrecker, a band that used to play the stage boards around the region for quite a long time already, even though not very often. And apart from the jokes of the band, that they also didn’t practice very often, their show is that solid and cool, you would not think about that they are not doing this all the time. So they deliver a great set, which shows all the facets of rock this group covers, starting with heavy and intense stoner riffs to light-footed guitar tracks that even can remind someone of the Beatles.

The sound of the three-headed rock-formation and especially their mixture is a great preparation for the upcoming gig of the Great Red Silence. The group, consisting of six musicians, of course increases the volume. Starting with “Going Off At The Deep End”, they pick up the stoner genre again. What follows is something the band has already announced online: they will break the silence now, referring to their name. Slower songs like “White Shark Café” get burst by the screams of the new singer, technical problems get filled with solis, and the louder tracks like “Honest Mistake” get the hell rocking anyway. Rooted to the original sound of Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss, the band breaks genre borders like their support with references to all variations of rock.

This mixture and the energy of both bands keeps the audience moving, and like it should be for rock music, the evening is far away from being silent.

Photo © Ben E. Riot of La Vie Excessive