Heavy Metal forms the Steel Arch


Liquid Swords Tour presented by 20 Years Of HipHop & Steelo and powered by Green Empire, Flex Wien, Austria 20180822


“Fuck the Wu-Tang! This is GZA!” In your face! No compromises. Straight forward. The Genius substantiates his title. For this Wednesday evening, the Flex is in the hands of a real Rap veteran.

After Method Man and Redman made the Wiener Stadthalle boil back in 2016, GZA is another Wu-Tang Clan member who visits the capital city of Austria. The Liquid Swords tour started in Switzerland. The days off before the gig at the Flex, the crew uses to go out in Vienna. So they post a video on Sunday, that they are going out to a nineties party, telling they are excited and showing the excited face.

And so is the audience as Wednesday evening arrives. The temperatures still are high outside and as well inside the hall as DJ Burnee spins the turntables. And then, with a little delay, the moment has come. The Flex is crowded to the back. “Pump your fists like this!” The motivation is high as the words from the Genius flow through the hall. On the point he delivers his lines, concise and clear. And the audience knows the lyrics and can sing-along without a problem. Of course the lyricist not only solo classics but also Wu-Tang tracks like “Clan in da front” and “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck With”. All the time he is close to his audience who can touch them. As two boys get on the stage, the security reacts unnecessary rude kicking them off the stage, while GZA tries to intervene.

But that is just a very little bad moment of this amazing evening, that is even the artist’s birthday. They also include a little tribute to dead fellows like Ol’ Dirty Bastard and 2Pac. And after about an hour, A huge concert with a pity short duration finds its end, leaving a happy crowd, convinced that this icon hasn’t lost anything of its influence and power.