Diversity Within The Extreme

Harakiri For The Sky, Ancst, Ellende

Arson Album Release presented by District 19, ((szene)) Vienna, Austria 20180210


Not too long ago, in 2016, one of the most acclaimed Austrian Extreme Metal bands released their last record entitled “III: Trauma”. To celebrate the release of the successor “Arson” via Art Of Propaganda Records, District 19 invited to the ((szene)) Wien.

The people arrive in time, so the place is well filled for the first support Ellende. They start their set with a piano intro and a heavy rocking riff, combined with the classic Black Metal singing. These elements, the keys and the guitar style pull through the set, a great start in any way. Plus as their banner is on top of the one of the headliner, it says “Ellende for the sky” what is fun to some.

After this driving gig, Ancst are the ones that higher the speed of the sound. Rooted between the darkest of all Metal genres, Crust- and Hardcore, their show invites to bang the heads. It is with huge motivation they put on the day and makes them a strong live experience. Coming from Berlin they promise to come back to the EKH in March to present a new album.

And then the reason for the evening arrives: Harakiri for the sky, a duo from Vienna and Salzburg enters the stage with its combatants. And no matter if they play a smaller gig at the Sinister Feast at the MARK or their release show in Vienna, this band and especially the two masterminds are a blast. The punchy performance is based on the wonderful musically creation, that because of its diversity excites not only Black Metal fans. That comes down in the audience, which is dressed in black of course, but also consist of e.g. Thrash Metalheads. Obviously all of them enjoy the concert this Saturday night, what makes this release a big success as the tour with Dool will be.