Incomprehensible Fun under the Sign of the Dark Lord

Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Svart Crown

Rituals Amongst The Rotten European Tour 2018 presented by District 19, ((szene)) Vienna, Austria 20180215


This February somehow is under the sign of Black Metal. After Downfall of Gaia with Hamferð and Gates Of Sleep at the Viper Room and Harakiri for the sky with Ancst and Ellende at ((szene)), the place ones more hosts one of the biggest names and most charismatic bands of the genre.

And the supports are no strangers either: Svart Crown from France are the first to unleash their monstrous sound on the numerous audience. Within seconds they proof why they deserve all the positive critics they are earning. The only problem singer JB Le Bail notes is that there is too much light. That said you realize it yourself: it is way to bright in the room. But that doesn’t stop its magic, while the band makes repeating elements like special riffs their signature.

Obviously many have been waiting for the second support: “Carach Angren”, they go in the choir. The nightmare of the horror masters from the Netherlands was celebrated last time in Vienna with Fleshgod Apocalypse one year ago. Their evil lyrics are (crazy) fun and disturbing at the same time, as their unique performance. The songs of their recent “Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten” function as e.g. the final “Bloodstains on the Captain’s Log”. Exorcism useless.

Apropos rotten, the name of the main act is none lesser than Rotting Christ. Their latest release via Season of MistRituals” is the first part of the name of the tour. It is a great pleasure to see this legends on stage for sure. During “Apage Satana”, the light completely switches from left to right all the time, what makes drummer Themis Tolis look like moving. This part mesmerizing and scary, adjuratory and bawdy the whole show. From the general atmosphere to the wall of death, this concert got everything it needs.