Rock Fest vs. Pop Fest

The Heavy Minds, High Brian, Master Gottlieb

„Second Mind“ Album Release Show presented by StoneFree Records, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20190726


This week the heavy progressive Psych and Stoner scene offered a lot of opportunities in Vienna. In The Woods, Sacri Monti, Neurosis and Weedeater played at the relevant locations. And instead of visiting the the Popfest where Paenda plays amongst others, we go up the Gürtel to the homely Kramladen.

The first band of the evening directly merges from their soundcheck to the show. Master Gottlieb appears as a three piece consisting of guitar, bass, singer and a drumcomputer, playing a raw and grungy Garage style Rock. The bassy riffs create the right pressure contrasted by the light voice. Somehow they remind a bit of unfortunately abandoned Carousals. At the end of their short set, they provide a drumsolo with a wink.

High Brian is the second band, that plays a lot with the genre boarders, shifting from classic and retro style to Stoner and Space Rock, making a lot of references pop to one’s mind every second. One is Blues Pills, who e.g. played with Kadavar at SIMMCity and of witch drummer Paul wears a shirt. With them they got the new record named “Brian Air” but also they sell “Hi Brian”. Another remarkable thing are their dual guitar passages.

The Heavy Minds are the final act and come from Upper Austria to promote their new record “Second Mind” published via StoneFree Records (Savanah, Great Rift, Ozymandias, Intra and more). They already supported for example Radio Moscow. The wonderful Rickenbacker bass sound is one highlight, as would be transverse flute right in the style of Jethro Tull, which unfortunately is too quiet. The band ends their regular set with the title track of their new release. As encore, they play the amazing “You’ve Seen It Coming” from the predecessor “Treasure Coast”. And just one day later, Churchpenny Allstars are about to play the same place.