High Volume Crashing Inferno


Highway Child & Fuzz Manta Live 2011

This is the first time you see me writing in english. but what happened today and yesterday everyone got to read. The Graf Hugo, a small teenage club in Feldkirch, got two bands ready to rock.

“Are you ready for some rock n roll?” That was the question of Fuzz Manta. And yeah, the people were. But maybe they weren’t prepared for this. An intro they played, perfect an thrilling. The drums, great. He also played an incredible solo later. The singer, Lene moving, dancing and feeling the sound. The bass and the guitar, playing together, it couldn’t be better. Great solos. And the bass also played guitar chords. Like for example Lemmy of Motörhead. Rumpling and Clanking, the groove rolls from the small stage. Absolutely awesome songs, from the first album and also the newest one called “Opus II”.

After a short break, the second band appears on the stage: Highway Child. Heavy going intro, hard drumming. The singer plays his solos on an acoustic guitar. Sounds incredible. And when he starts to sing, it fits perfect. Especially because he’s got a very high range of what he can sing. This Stoner Rock Band totally plays like hell. The long and intensive instrumental parts give the audience a taste of a delirium. During the last song “Love and let die”, they also put in part of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it black.” After that, they ended with an high volume crashing inferno of guitars and drums, putting the guitars against the amplifiers and let the feedback do the rest.

Generally, the whole sound of the evening was just flashing. A mix of retro psychedelic and catchy stoner sound, what do you want more. So for the small community of hard rock fans in Feldkirch, it was an unbelievable great rock n roll evening. A feeling inside, which appeared because of the bombastic sound of two ingenious danish Bands.