This Time (Single 2023)


Dreamy Indie

Have you ever travelled the Netherlands on a houseboat? Or at least chugged the Grachten of Amsterdam with a little sloop? If no, this is an action highly recommended. And now here comes the perfect soundtrack from the very country. 

„This Time“ is the third and last single of the upcoming album of Ismena. „I Don’t Think I’ll See You Again“ and „Damage“ were the first to heralds. Number three, the Dark ’n’ Dreamy Singer-Songwriter celebrates with a concert at Café de Kuiperij in Zwolle and with full band lineup. 

For the recording and mixing, Ismena collaborated with Ivy van der Veer (Temple Fang), mastering was done by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed and the vinyl will finally be out via Electric Spark Records in autumn. On the cover, she looks forward into the sun with the eyes wide open and leaning on an weathered stone. The picture was taken by Maaike Ronhaar and the artwork by Brand.Stichers.  

Softly plugged chords open the song and ears as the Foo Fighters. Two are basically enough, spiced up with some dissonance like from a Prog Rock band like Jana Draka. The voice fits and initiates a homey feeling like the one of Ivery. Some strumming then takes you down „Dreary Roads“ (or canals), weighlessly, floating in the air. 

Several voices rise and lover of details can enjoy the additional guitar. Lyrically, the song speaks ‚about learning to be alone and not letting your happiness depend on others‘. A strong attitude like Esther Ann Gove (promoted by Mettle Media PR) performed with a voice touching like Flip Grater and breaking free like Wino

With this said, the thoughts return to the boat trip. The scenery and buildings pass by, like the mind enjoys the liberty that maybe only music like this is able to provide. And the water runs on carrying you forever.