Big Legends play for fun and plead for peace

Wu-Tang Clan, Denzel Curry, JID, Waxolutionists

Europe 2023 Tour presented by Beat The Fish at Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20230711

2023. Thirty years after the release of their legendary debut, a crew that ‚changed Hip Hop forever’ sets out into the world to celebrate. After Hilltop Hoods just two weeks before, Beat The Fish presents the next highlight at Wiener Stadthalle where Deep Purple play the day after. 

During the worldwide journey leading e.g. to Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Nas partly joins as well. In Vienna, the local group Waxolutionists (Duzz Down San) starts the show. As the queue for the entry is going through the whole Märzpark, not all fans are able to enjoy them already. 

But for J.I.D., who worked with Imagine Dragons for example, the way is free. Having his origins in Atlanta like Ludacris, the Dirty South feels present in his beats while he talks about not being afraid or death. His visuals of football in cartoon style also give various explanations for the three letters of his name. 

Bringing a lot of energy on stage already, the support acts can sing in the light of mobiles or bring their audience down on their knees. Hailing from Miami, Denzel Curry sweats blood, including a Drowning Pool snippet and „Cloud Co13a1n“ reference, what brings us to the final song of the night by..

..the Wu-Tang Clan with band. But before they play „Smells Like Teen Spirit“ as well as „Come Together“ in the encore block, they focus on their very first album. „Clan In Da Front“ and „WTC Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit“ let the full hall move. Just like the surprising „Uzi“ from „Iron Flag“ or the top hit „Gravel Pit“. 

GZA has been returning to the city again and again. And hopefully, after this outstanding performance, the (almost) whole Clan is motivated to do so too. And as they plead for peace, the world is at ease at least for a second.