Dusk (Single 2022)

Jana Draka

Progressive Art Rock

From the deep south of Italy, Cosenza in Calabria, a Prog vision has moved to Rome. Capital and cultural epicenter, the city hosts likes of Black Rainbows, Fleshgod Apocalypse and shooting stars Måneskin as well as legendary film studios Cinecittà and figurehead Franco Nero.

Jana Draka has chosen this ancient grounds as headquarter for their operations too. Since their debut EP „Introspection“ in 2016, they published the album „Where The Journey Begins“ and more songs like „A Different Kind Of Christmas“ and „Leaves“, which earned attention from Metal Winds, Prog Bar, The Sound Of Fighting Cats and others.

The three-piece around Danilo Pantusa on guitar and production featuring Valerio Magli on vocals and keys and Valentina D’Angelo on drums took the peak of summer as release date for „Dusk“. „We are the ones who observe“, they claim, like on the cover art, where the view is directed to the horizon, across bushes, buildings and hills.

Just like on the Tremonti record “Dust“, the color is set in red. Logo and title are in a curved font like Zapfino. The wonderful dynamic arrangement starts off with acoustic guitar notes and keys, little bit positive, little bit gloomy as well. After one minute, they play fully split chords, before the clear voice joins in.

It is kind of classic, reminding of the huge Emerson Lake & Palmer (who as remaining member announced a tour with video walls) or likes of Hark, Wheel, Baroness or Black Peaks. Then the drums come in discreetly, with the brush on the snare and a cymbal. In the middle, the song transitions to the epic part like the video changes from black and white to color.

Shot in the rehearsal studio space like e.g. Juleah, the camera is moving and providing detailed views on the musical work. A great dissonant drift, strong phrases included: „Nothing ahead, no traces behind“. At the end, the only drop of bitterness is, that this altitude flight like the Eagles doesn’t last longer.