Hard Rockers Take Off

Franz Fuexe, Ewïg Frost, Roadwolf, Venator, Infected Rats

First Vienna Frost Cruise – 1. Heavy Metal Donau Schifffahrt, MS Stadt Wien, Austria 20220903

It’s a beautiful late summer weekend. At the Prater, likes of Kid Pex celebrate the Volksstimmefest. Bonjourtropfen and Rebell Bagatell share a stage, and in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the M4A ’22 is held. At the landing place 6 of the Danube in Vienna, right next to the St. Francis of Assisi Church, many black clothed people go on board of the MS Stadt Wien for a really special event.

It is the First Vienna Frost Cruise, going to Greifenstein and back, with four bands officially and a fifth surprise act, a gig poster exhibition, StoneFree record booth and Thrasher aftershow party with the Brauhund team, DJ Eraserhead and more. On the same ship, e.g. Samy Deluxe once played, with an unsatisfied audience, as there were too many people. So luckily, the organizers decided, to get through with less tickets. 

The room on the first floor is crowded already, as Danny Vacuum of Boogie Hammer announces the Infected Rats, taking it away with „Nuclear War“. Their Hardcore Thrash reminds of likes of Suicidal Tendencies with a little Exodus or Municipal Waste. The poster of Michael Hacker is available downstairs, as well as The Raw Stuff book. The fifty cruise shirts are sold out already after the first show.

Venator take the 80s Heavy Metal for real, underlining it with their sound and outfits. Capturing their great show on video, it makes think of clips with lots of slowmos and flying hair. Then the ship takes off, an exhilarating moment, right before Roadwolf follow. They played at the Nova Rock for example and earned a lot of positive critics for their album. On the cruise, they unleash the wolf for real, with a mask dripping blood and paws. 

Headliner and initiator of this fantastic event is Ewïg Frost. „Ain’t No Saint“ is their latest record and center of their roaring set with songs like „In da Not“, „New Cold War“, „De Gier“ and „Bad Beat Boogie“. And as if this would not have been enough, the surprise band is none less than Franz Fuexe

This first Danube Metal cruise is an amazing idea, greatly organized so nothing is missing. The only drawback is a dispute because of the moshpit. But even though it is on a ship, it is still a Rock show. So thanks for this extraordinary experience, that hopefully will be repeated.