See the sea of horns

Jolly Roger Festival 2017

Arena, Vienna, Austria 20170727


The heat is on in the capital of Austria. The typical dog days have the city firmly in their grip. And in the legendary walls of the Arena, Blue Moon Entertainment decided to launch a new Metal Open Air: The Jolly Roger Festival.

Right ahead, because of everyone working for this event knows what they are doing, there is nothing to complain about. Cannonball Ride already with their modern metal, followed by socially engaged Underside from Nepal and the Death Metaller of Epsilon. The huge and excellent sound can be heard very far from the old Slaughterhouse.

The early evening, The Hirsch Effekt from Germany plays their mixture of different genres. Some parts are amazing, but don’t always fit to the other. Still the show has got a lot of energy. They get followed by one of the biggest Austrian Metal bands: Belphegor from Salzburg. Their Blackened Death Metal is more straight forward, and opens up the mosh pit in front of the stage. It is confusing, that some guys still can get upset when there is pogo going on at a Metal concert. As if it was not clear to happen.

When Trivium enters the stage, the whole ground floor transforms to one big pit. Standing a little bit up the hill, it looks awesome to see the sea of horns in the air and the walls of death and circle pits. The motivation of the audience is equal to the one of the band. And also the headliner Amon Amarth deliver a great performance. No wonder that especially these two bands went so big over the last years.

So the great line-up that was compiled obviously worked perfectly and made a lot of fun. With a start like that, we can look forward for the next edition of the festival.